Twilight Compass v1.1 released

v1.1 is now available now. All features promised are available now.

  1. requeted twilight
    possible values:

    1. Today’s
      The information requested is infomation of today’s twilight. If “Today” option is ON, and “Next Twilight” option is OFF, which specifies getting Today’s twilight information.
    2. Next
    3. Next twilight is requested. If “Today” option is ON, and “Next Twilight” option is ON, which specifies getting next twilight information. If the time already pass, usually tomorrow’s twilight will be shown.

    4. specified date, eg. 3/21
    5. A date is specifed.

  2. date of twilight
    possible values:

    1. tom’ow
      Tomorrow. (sorry, tomorrow is too long to fit in)
    2. a specific date, eg(3/21)
  3. additional twilight
    possible values:

    1. (none)
      No additional information is displayed.
    2. Civil
      Civil Twilight.
    3. Nautical
      Nautical Twilight.
    4. Astronomical
      Astronomical Twilight.
  4. twilight time
    Shows the required twilight time.
  5. additional twilight time
    shows the additional twilight time specified.
  6. GPS status
    1. gps_enabled
    2. GPS is fixed. GPS is reporting locations.

    3. gps_disabled
    4. GPS is disabled, or signal is lost.

    5. pin
    6. Location is specifed.

Features of Twilight Compass v1.1

It took me a while to finish the process of APP publish on APP Store, and now it is available on line!

Get it on App Store

The features of v1.1 is planned at beginning, however I learned that it will spend sometime to publish an APP, and I decided to publish it fisrt and then update it later. The features are determined now, and they are:

1.Location by input also (current location only in v1.0)

2.Date by input also (today only in v1.0)

3.”Next” sunrise/sunset, display sunrise/sunset of tomrrow if the time already passes.

4. Additional information about twilight, including Astronomical, Nautical, and Civil Twilight

5.Latitude/Longitude formats setting

Estimated available date should be within one month.

My First iPhone App-Twilight Compass

Twilight Compass

The twilight is a popular topic of photography. The sun is the main character and plays a very important role in the pictures. To get good pictures, the position of the sun must be known before sunrise or sunset happens so that composition is possible. Aloughth there is sunset and sunrise everyday in most area of the world, we may have only one chance to take a picture at a particular place. Knowing the time and the direction of sunrise/sunset helps.
Aloughth the real time and direction are affected by the landform, The rough direction and the time of sunrise/sunset can be calculated by the location coordinate. Because the new iPhone 3Gs is equipped with digital compass and GPS, an application calculating the information of sunrise/sunset is possible. Twilight Compass is the solution.
It took me more time to understand the process of running APP on iPhone and publishing APP than to write the APP itself. Finally, I managed to finish the procedure, and Twilight Compass will be available soon.
Version 1.0 – initial release.
Version 1.1 (Planning)
-manually input coordinate
-manually choose date