Twilight Compass v2.0

What’s new in version 2.0:

  • [New Feature] Landmark pointer
  • main screen
    In addition to showing the directions of sunrise and sunset, now it points to a user-defined landmark too. In SETTING screen, select the last item “Landmark”, the following screen will show.The screen shows all landmarks sorted by distance to current location if you have created some landmarks. Select the desired landmark or cancel by selecting the first “[No Landmark]”.
    Landmark selection
    Press the detail disclosure button (>), the following screen will show to tell you the location of the landmark related to current location.
    landmark show on map

    To add new landmark, press [+] in the landmark list screen, move the map to desired position, and press [+] at the lower right coner to place the pin as following. Drag the pin to change location. Press the detail disclosure button(>) to edit the name.
    edit landmark on map

  • [Update] OS 4.0 supported
  • Twilight Compass now supports iOS 4.0 multitasking features. It will stop using GPS and compass when switched to background.

  • [Update] select current location on map
  • edit current position
    Press the Map button at the upper left coner to locate current location.
    current location  on map
    Move the map to the location desired, and press “done”.

  • [Update] update drawing
  • New drawing to support high resolution. (Yes. I know it is still not cool enough, but I’ve tried my best. I am a programmer not an artist. Sorry.)


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