Twilight Compass V3.0 & peak of V3.2

Twilight Compass V3.0 was summited to APP Store. The UI is re-designed. In fact, the APP is re-writen from scratch.

Twilight Compass is my first APP, which was created three years ago. Since then, iOS, previously iPhone OS, evolves. I tried to imitate the original compass APP of APPLE, which seemed to be clumsy. Therefore, I re-write it.

Just after submitting, I decide to add some more features, which are

  • Map Compass
  • Import/Export waypoints

Map Compass is a compass overlaid on the map. If you are going to take pictures of Twilight with certain landmarks, it will be a very good tool for you. By using this tool, you can know where is the best point to take a picture of sunrise or sunset with the landmark.

Waypoints are locations of interest. In previous version, it is called “Landmark” because it is meant to be. After V3.2, the term will be changed to “location”, because it can be used to set current location also. The file format supported is KML, which is compatible with Google Map and Google Earth. The import detects duplicated points, which is defined when the “name” is exactly the same and the distance between the two location is within 10 meters.
I will submit it as soon as possible.

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