SunMoonAR V2.0


What’s NEW!
Using the GYROSCOPE and a reference to get heading.
The magnetic compass is not precise enough. The error sometimes could reach 30 degree! Thus, using the magnetic compass sometimes gets bad result. ( One undocumented new feature is that the error/accuracy of magnetic compass is now shown)
In contract, the gyroscope is stable and precise, though for a short time. However, to use gyroscope to get heading, a reference is necessary. The sun, the moon, and a custom landmark in sight can be used as reference. Note: if the elevation of sun or the moon is larger than 80 degree, the result won’t be good. The more distant the reference landmark, the more precise the result heading.

1.Tap the center bottom, where the HEADING degree resides. Only when the location is available, i.e. GPS is flexed, this function can be used.


2. choose a target to be used as the reference. If the sun or the moon is not visible at that time, the corresponding button will be disable.


2a. if ‘landmark…’ is chosen, the selection of landmarks is necessary. The LED right indicates the quality of the reference.

  • RED: bad reference.The precision of current location is not good, or the distance of the landmark is not far enough.
  • YELLOW: fair.
  • GREEN: good.


2b. In New Landmark screen. Tap the location of the desired landmark.


3.Aim the reference, and tap the screen.


4.Now it is in GYROSCOPE mode. To return to use magnetic compass, shake the phone.



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