BrewPiLess Release 1.2.5

  • Showing temperature chart when it is not being recorded
    • The data is saved in a circular buffer good for around 2-3 hours.
  • Moving the temperature control to main page.
  • Temperature chart for beer profile editing
  • Fast loading setting for temperature management control page(now main page)
  • Reload the temperature chart after start/stop saving log
  • Showing name of current saving log, blank if not saving
  • Fix bugs of not showing room temperature in legend area


(The BrewPiLess is running “Beer Constant” mode, and the Beer profile displayed is the saved one. )

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  1. h Vito
    great project. Someone tested the Electrodragon IoT Relay? It could be a easy solution with two relays an enoght pis fo two ds1820. all for 6 $


  2. There is a friend who runs on SONOFF. I’ve built the binary on
    The Electrodragon IoT Relay seems interesting. I believe it will work with right settings.

    I googled and find this:

    * Please note that even thou the Electrodragon has 10A relays the board itself is no way able to handle such currents. The manufacturer recommends a maximum of 1A per line or 2A on a single line.

  3. Hi Vito,

    would it be possible to get the iSpindel to communicate with brewpiless?
    Im not sure if you have seen this tilt hydrometer but its a interesting piece of equipment. I can build one and send to you if you like, to see if its possible.


  4. Hi Jesper,
    Sam and I are working on it.
    Check this out:

    I already created a branch for it. In current status, the gravity data is recorded and shown. The gravity data can be input from web interface so that people without an iSpindle can record and plot the gravity data on the chart. The format of iSpindle hasn’t been finalized, so it is not yet implemented. (But, it can be done in minutes.) I am currently working on “gravity-based” temperature schedule.

    I would defintely be very happy if you can help me. I am so bad at building hardware.
    In fact, I have been planning a WiFi version of TILT(brewometer) before I learned about iSpindel. However, I can’t build my hardware and stopped after testing the functions of MPU6050 sensor. After learning about iSpindel, I proceeded to complete the software. The software is not difficult. The most critical part is to derive the formula. I referenced brewometer and iSpindle, and finally figured out a way of polynomial regression. Luckily, I also found a library to do the regression easily. My solution doesn’t need a excel file to find out the parameters. You can just put the device into configuration mode, connect to it, put it in testing wort or solution, and input the reference gravity. The formula will be calculated by Javascript on your browser and stored to the device automatically. However, I need a hardware to verify and fine-tune the program. I keep getting wrong parts for it. Wrong 18650(with protection circuit and couldn’t fit in the USB charger I bought), wrong soda bottle(too small). I even burned a DS18B20 for some reasons I don’t know.(The waterproof sensor cable works fine, but the “chip” version got fried.). Therefore, I hesitate to try another. I have ordered soda bottles from eBay, but I don’t when I can finish the hardware build.

  5. Hi Vito,

    I now have one ready for you! Just give me your address and i will send it to you.


  6. Hi Vito, I am using D1 mini, compiling or flashing with bin file (1.2.5) version – result is the same, after wifi setup and restart the device I cannot open the configuration link on the main page. Where I can find the logs? what You think what is the reason?

  7. The issues have been bothered me for a while: ESP8266 sometimes won’t restart successfully. Sometimes it does, but sometimes it doesn’t.

    SINGLE NodeMcu or D1 mini SOLO without any other components connected but only USB to the computer also has this issue.

    I don’t know why and have nothing I can do.

  8. Vito, before you roll out the next version can you take a look at the links from the [ip]/lcd page. 1 of them is slightly incorrect and takes the user to an incorrect page.

    Also, if you accept requests, any possibility of including the ability to save and reuse temperature profiles?


  9. Hello, Im having some issues with my brewpiless v1.25. after about 24hrs the website is unreachable and can’t be accessed unless i restart the controller. Everything seems to be fine in ubidots, Im still recieveing the logs. Any ideas what this might be?

  10. Follow up: it seems to be just an issue with the webserver. the device logs to ubidots as it should. And after an hour or so, I suddenly could access the website agian without doing anything.

  11. Hi,
    My DS18B20 temperature sensors are not recognized by BrewLessPi but work in other applications where I tested and in the same hardware configuration. Can anyone help me with this?

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