BrewManiacEx Release 0.2.1

  • Add “PID when Doughing-in” option in “PID-PWM” setting.
    • If it is set to “NO”, the heater will be turned off after temperature reached and “Continue? OK” is confirmed, before “Mash-in OK” is pressed.
    • If “YES”, the PID will be applied during doughing in, the setting temperature will be the temperature of first mash rest.
  • Add Plato/Gravity for recipe viewing
  • Add kettle thermal mass option
    • expressed in equivalence water amount

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  1. Today I have made first brew with your BrewManiacEx controller – good job, thank you for project.
    I have few question or proposition. What do you thing about it?

    1. I’m using mixer with electric engine connected as pump. Pump Cycle minimum 5min is to long for mixer.
    Could you add new option in Setting: Pump units – and two options: minutes or seconds. For mixer better will be seconds units.

    2. In today recipe I have decoction mashing 30% of filling in mash step 3. It would be nice to add option or checkbox in Automation Mash Schedule: Wait for user action or similar before start Mash Step 3.

    3. In manual mode could you add new mode: run pump with defined pump cycles ? It can be option in configuration, permanent pomp or cycle pomp in manual mode. BTW how to exit from manual mode ?

    4. Add new option in “skip this step”, “skip all mash” steps and start boiling.

  2. I am interested in your setup. Would like to see it. Is it possible for you to share on FaceBook, ?

    1. It’s not difficult. How about the maximum value? Please note that during PUMP REST, the heater is turned OFF. Is that what you want?
    2. I am considering doing decoction in my next brew. I don’t like to have too many options because that usually causes confusion. A simple solution would be to “Pause” the step and resume when done.
    3a. Doable. However, honestly I don’t use it. We should define “PUMP REST” clearly before doing it.
    3b. Anytime when “UP” and “DOWN” are pressed at the same time, BrewManiacEx will return to main screen. It is the same behavior as Open ArdBir.
    4. You can skip mash steps by LONG PRESSING “STP(Enter)” button during mashing.

  3. I will send photos in next week, I need few days to finish equipment.

    1. For mixer time minimum 5s max 30s, REST 10s up to 60s will be ok. No, during PUMP REST the heater should be turned ON.
    2. I used Pause recently. Do you mean automatic Pause after step X?
    3. In manual mode PUMP could work in cycles. If REST will be set to 0, PUMP will work continuously.

  4. Frankly speaking, I don’t really understand the usage of PUMP REST because I don’t use it. My current implementation follows Open ArdBir. I think the idea to stop heating is that the temperature is uneven when pump stops and recirculation of wort stops. (BTW, do you know that PUMP REST is enabled only AFTER the temperature reaches setting temperature? The reason should be the same.)

    Using mixer and adopting such short pulse seems to be a different story. I don’t think it’s a good idea to use pump cycle/rest as mixer pulse. I would guess that you want the mixer to run and top all the time, from rising temperature to holding temperature. right?

    I mean the “PmPus”, aka “Pump & Pause”, function during mash rest. However, in current implementation, the PUMP is stopped during PAUSEd. Let me think about it. I don’t like to confuse people who don’t need the options.

    I use manual mode as a utility mode, like cleaning and PID tuning. Automatically stop PUMP seems to be against the meaning of “manual”. Fortunately, this request is the easiest one among all. We can make “LONG PRESS” of PUMP button as a special input for activation/deactivation pump/mixer rest cycle. However, a well defined of pump rest or mixer pulse is necessary.

    You know what? I have thought about mixer since I found the issue of uneven temperature rising. Therefore, I am highly interested in your setup. One year ago, a friend of my friend showed me a mash tun with a mixer. I thought that was overkill, but now I think that makes sense.

  5. My photos are here
    Hardware is still under development. If you have questions I can Provide more details about it. I do not have FB account, if you want, you can share it on FB.

    Yes, but it may be a risk of burns during rising temperature.
    PUMP REST enabled only AFTER the temperature reaches setting temperature is good solution for mixer. Short pulse mixer will allow holding the same temperature in all keg without excessive aeration. During PUMP RESTthe heater can be turned OFF.
    Another option for PUMP REST is that can be activated depending PID duty cycle. When the temperature reaches setting and PID duty cycle is less than eg. 40% PUMP REST is active.

    In manual mode “LONG PRESS” of PUMP button as a special input for activation / deactivation of pump / mixer rest cycle will be simple and good solution;)

    I have thought about version with pump, but with mixer you can have better stability temperatures and you can brewing highest BLG

  6. Vito,
    Great brewing solution. I have implemented the code in my system and it is working well with the exception that my temp sensor provides a false reading that is so fast that it does not get displayed or logged but trips the programming into a satisfied state. I have read online about smoothing the readings by averaging readings or using the arduino smoothing routine that stores the latest reading to an array and maintains a real time average. Can you point me to the place where I might add this item to the program to eliminate this problem. Again thanks for all of the hard work!

  7. Usually a simple low pass filter would work.

    , and modify the last statements before return.

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