BrewManiacEx Release v0.2.2[preview]

New features

  • Extended Mash Rest
    • When decoction mashing is used or conversion doesn’t finished, it provides the option to extend the mash rest after the time runs out.
    • During the mashing rest, long press STP(Enter) will bring a new option “Extend”(Up). Press the button to toggle extended mash. A “+” symbol will appear at the first line of LCD, indicating extended mash. The other two options is “Skip”(Start) and “Back”(Enter). “Skip”(Start) is used to skip current rest step and goto next step, while pressing “Back”(Enter) will result in returning to current rest step.
    • When the time of the rest counts to zero, it will start to count UP if extended mash is enabled. During extended mashing, STP(Enter) can be used to finish current mash rest step.
  • Paddle stirring instead of Pump recirculating (supported by compile option)
    • change the UsePaddleInsteadOfPump to true at line 38 in config.h

      #define UsePaddleInsteadOfPump true
    • Differences from PUMP
      • no “pump priming” at the start of automatic mode
      • The unit of Pump(stir) Rest/Pump(stir) cycle is second instead of minute
      • Heating control(PID) is not turned off during “Stir Rest”
      • ‘stir’ is used in place of ‘pump’ for button labels.

Bug fixed

  • Error updating automation/settings
    • caused by misuse of ArduinoJSON library
  • Error handling of Fahrenheit
    • Now the data is saved in its own unit. The down side is that temperature related settings must be set after temperature unit is changed.

Other changes

  • In manual mode, “Pump”(Stir) rest can be enabled by long pressing of “Pump/Stir” button
  • There will be no “–Pump Rest–” as button label when pump rests. During pump rest, the buttons are still accessible.

The release is temporarily available at preview branch at GitHub. It will be pushed to master branch after I use it in a real brew.

Comments (9)

  1. Hi! Thank you for brewmaniacex =)

    Do you provide language files for translation into other languages?

    If so, I would start translating into Russian.

  2. Someone has already translated it to Russian, but I don’t remember who did it.
    I’ve thought about multi-language from the beginning.
    All strings for LCD to display is in string.h. However, the LCD supports limited character set.

    All strings for web is put in index.htm. (Some might be forgotten, but most of the strings should be there.)
    I am not aware of a good HTML localization pattern, using different index.htm is the best I can do currently.

  3. Vito you are the best 😉 Thank you for implementing these functionalities.
    I would like to test it, but I don’t have free keg now, maybe in next month.

  4. Hello Vito, I intend to use your project in a RIMS double vessel, I use continuous recirculation during MASH in this system, so I would like the temperature control during the MASH to have the PWM output for continuous temperature control due to the loss of heat by the Constant circulation.
    Is this easy to implement?
    Forgive me for my bad English, I’m using a translator.

  5. I don’t really understand how you are going to setup your RIMS system.
    Implementing PWM is not hard. In fact, there is already PWM deployed in the code for boiling control.
    Designing the user interface should takes longer, but the most difficult part is understanding how it going to be used.

  6. I don’t really understand the working principle of brutus-20.
    AFAIK, RIMS is heating wort by directing the wort into a tube that has a heating element.
    What about K-RIMS? Does it use the kettle as the “RIMS tube”, so that the wort circulates from the MLT to kettle and heated in kettle?

  7. Dear Vito
    I tried Brewmaniac 4 times and is very good (before Bremaniac I used Ardbir with my changes).
    I had problem with software 0.2.2 PID behaviour strange,sometimes worked ok,sometimes turn on after temperature which I set,so I must turn off power for my heat also device was freeze and sometimes restart after that the brew log was off.
    Today, actually now I using soft 0.2.1 and is ok.
    Did You brew beer with this soft??
    Have any of you using this software??
    I mean 0.2.2.
    Thank you and have a nice…beer 🙂

  8. I haven’t used it. That is why I haven’t official release it.

    The PID algorithm tries to maintain the temperature according the parameters, which are Kp, Ki, and Kd. It might turn on the heating ‘to prevent’ the temperature from dropping. A good set of parameters is necessary for it to work properly. That’s why we need to “tune” the PID.

    I will review the modification between 0.2.1 and 0.2.2.

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