BrewManiacEx v0.2.3 Release

Bugs Fixed

  • PWM display for multiple sensors.
  • Resumption after boil phase.


  • If PID is used during Malt-in., the setting temperature is set to the temperature of Mash-in.
  • Pump access during Adding Malt. The “No” option during “Add Malt” is moved to “Temperature Reached” screen of Mash-In. (It was only “Yes”.)
  • Full version label is displayed.

Everything in v0.2.2[preview] is included.

Comments (27)

  1. Hi!
    I have brewing today (exactly now) and in soft 2.3 there is a little problem.
    I could not turn off “Resume process?”, if click ” no” nothing happen,no reaction.

  2. I just tested it, and it works fine.

    Please open http://bm.local:8008/filemanager
    find the file name “brewing.tmp”, right click on it and download it.
    After downloading it, you can delete it. Then, there will be no resumption.
    Please send the file you download.

  3. The file “brewing.tmp” have 0 kB and it is empty.
    I could not delete any files, so I formated spiffs and now is ok.

  4. I had thought of that. I have some experience with similar condition. That’s the reason why there is a shortcut to format SPIFFS.

    Backup/restore of setting should be implemented sooner or later.

  5. Good morning Vito, since I live in Brazil and I have difficulties due to customs and taxes, it is not possible to buy the Vudo Shield but since I own a Nodemcu EPS8266 and I have the possibility of making a PCB through photosensitive paint, I would like you to look at my circuit and Check if it is within what you use to make sure I do not mess up. I am using optocouplers to avoid problems with the relays that I will use for the pump and to protect the Nodemcu in general.
    Grateful for your attention follows the link with the circuit.

  6. You might need to find someone who is more knowledgable about the circuit.
    The buttons are connected to a PCF8574, and the PCF8574 is connected to I2C.
    That’s what you are missing.

  7. Hi Leandro,
    I am a software engineer, not a circuit designer. Debugging circuits is beyond my capability.
    I will bet your circuit will work, but I don’t really check the specification of every component you are using.

  8. I thank Vito, I apologize for taking his time, I’m not an engineer, I’m actually a quality technician and I’m an electronics enthusiast but in a highly amateurish way. As beer is my favorite hobby I am trying to join the util to the pleasant.
    Thank you immensely for the time you have spent sharing your project.
    As soon as possible I will assemble a new equipment to post the photos and share my experiences. I intend to make a Hims kettle with stainless steel, I believe your circuit will work very well in it, I will test the circuit and give you the result.
    A great weekend and thanks again.
    Att. Leandro

  9. Hi Leandro,
    It is not about time, but about my capability. I developed software on embedded system and coworker with hardware designers closely. I can read simple digital circuit design so that I know how to drive them by software. The circuit I draw is derived by combining the circuits I googled. A experienced friend was asked to review and correct it.
    I might be able to answer questions about software, not the circuit.

  10. Hello Vito, thank you for this awesome software. I have just finished building my Braumaister clone with Brewmaniac and it works perfect!
    If i may, here are some suggestions/wishlist for future development:

    Pump priming options, the ability to set pump on (sec), pump of (sec), and cycle count. (0-5)
    I have a magnetic driven circulation pump, the pump prime today is to fast, it can’t start before it turnes of. Resulting in the need for manual priming before i can run a program.

    It would be nice to stop a running program from the web interface. (same as pressing both up and down buttons)

    Option to disable beep sound on button press.
    Cheers !

  11. Vito, I think your update site config has a bug. If you do a fresh install then it pulls back the “old” bm.js rather than the new bm.025.js.

    See output from:

    “list”:[{“action”:”new”,”dst”:”bm.js”, “src”:””},{“action”:”new”,”dst”:”favicon.ico”, “src”:””},{“action”:”new”,”dst”:”index.htm”, “src”:””},{“action”:”new”,”dst”:”lib.jgz”, “src”:””},{“action”:”new”,”dst”:”version.txt”, “src”:””},{“action”:”new”,”dst”:”images/ubd-t40.png”, “src”:””},{“action”:”new”,”dst”:”images/ubdt66.png”, “src”:””},{“action”:”new”,”dst”:”images/ubf10_.png”, “src”:””},{“action”:”new”,”dst”:”images/ubgg65f.png”, “src”:””},{“action”:”new”,”dst”:”images/ubggf6.png”, “src”:””},{“action”:”new”,”dst”:”images/ubggl100f.png”, “src”:””},{“action”:”new”,”dst”:”images/ubggwv35.png”, “src”:””},{“action”:”new”,”dst”:”images/ubhs75.png”, “src”:””},{“action”:”new”,”dst”:”images/ubhs100e.png”, “src”:””},{“action”:”new”,”dst”:”images/ui2.png”, “src”:””},{“action”:”new”,”dst”:”images/ui228ef1.png”, “src”:””},{“action”:”new”,”dst”:”images/uief8c.png”, “src”:””},{“action”:”new”,”dst”:”images/uiffd.png”, “src”:””},{“action”:”new”,”dst”:”images/uifff.png”, “src”:””}]}

  12. Or rather it pulls the source of bm025.js but names it ”bm.js”.

    This causes JS errors as the source file bm025.js can’t be found.

  13. Hi Vito. Thanks for your great job.
    Do we face some problems on the update site? I´ve recently update a NodeMCU and when i access from web interface i receive a message to check webside.
    BrewManiac ESP8266 System update
    Firmware version: 0.2.3
    Failed to get information. Check network connection or check webside
    HTML/Javascript version: 0
    Failed to get information. Check network connection or check webside


  14. Hi Eduardo,

    The hosting service seems to have issue. Since it a cheap solution, I can’t get much help from their customer’s service.
    I might try Amazon later.

  15. Hello

    I’m using FW with #define UsePaddleInsteadOfPump true, but in WWW I see Pump settings.
    Do you have plans to update WWW for paddle version ?

  16. It should work like this: paddle

    This is newer version, but the code is there since I added this option.

  17. Hi Vito!
    Help me please. How can i view, dowloading from BrewManic 0.2.3, the log-file.

  18. Open “Brew Log” tab. Click “Refresh” button to list all available logs. You can “view” and download if any.

  19. Hi Vito!
    Re: Open “Brew Log” tab. Click “Refresh” button to list all available logs. You can “view” and download if any.
    I know it. How i can view log-file, after downloading it?

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