BrewPiLess v2.1 available

By using the word “available”, I mean that it is not well tested, and I don’t have enough confidence of it.

New Features

The major improvement of this version is about gravity stability and beer profile handling.

  • More flexible, and complicated, beer profile.  Detail@Github
    • New stable gravity condition by checking the gravity differences between current reading and up-to 72 hours ago.
    • Specifying gravity condition by apparent attenuation(%), which makes it easier to reuse beer profile. OG must be provided.
  • Fermentation progress indication
    • It is just a simple indication that the gravity change within last few hours is less than the specified gravity stable threshold.
  • Low pass filtered gravity reading
    • To filter out wrong readings by bumping, a simple low pass filter is applied, and filtered data is used in beer profile algorithm. The filtered data is shown in this version. (check Github for more detail.)
  • (LogViewer) Exporting data to CSV format

Bug Fixes

  • Wrong auxiliary temperature( temperature reading from iSpindel) display
  • beer profile related bugs
  • (Utility) iSpindel Calibration utility showing the same line for both polynomial.

Comments (15)

  1. can you write please installation instructions including hardware and parts requirements, wiring diagram and software setup instructions.

  2. I’ve just built and installed BPL 2.1 using PlatformIO, not too difficult to get setup 🙂

  3. BPL compiles but struggles to present its web content when compiled with the staging (latest) version of the ESP8266 SDK etc. I suspect the memory utilisation is too great. Time to port to ESP32 ? 🙂

  4. I don’t think memory has something to do with this.
    The maximum program memory can be adjusted, and the size of image I built in Arduino IDE is around 480k.
    Maybe the optimization option should be added, like “-o9”.

    IMO, the advantage of ESP32 is more GPIO pins and Bluetooth support. The rotary encoder will be possible by directly connection to GPIOs.
    TILT support might be possible.

  5. I meant RAM, not prog memory. I added a ESP.getFreeHeap() debug output and with the latest SDK the free memory gets *very* low and then no further webserver response.

  6. I just tried PlatformIO. On VSCode. Atom is kind of sluggish on my system
    Checking program size
    text data bss dec hex filename
    463541 12300 37480 513321 7d529 .pioenvs/nodemcuv2/firmware.elf
    And I add heap information for “/fs” result:
    compared to Arduino IDE with framework v2.3
    BTW, it took me a while to build successfully by removing ESP8266mDNS.*.

  7. hy
    i am not able to get the the web pages working.
    I tried with Arduini IDE and also with PlatformIO on Atom. On both IDE i am ble to compile an upload, but only with the symple webpages without any chart.
    logging ist working an i can display the chart on the page if i press view.
    How can i remove ESP8266mDNS?


  8. If you can build it, you don’t need to remove anything.

    I can’t help you without more information. If I could, that specific issue should have been solved.

  9. Hi Vito,

    I’m trying to install an OLED SSD1306 display in version 2.3, but to no avail. It gets dark all the time.
    I´m using BrewPiLess.v2.3.oled, my display is configured for port 0x3c as config.h, and it is connected directly to Nodemcu V3 – Esp-12e, without PCF857.

    Could you give me a tip?

    Thanks in advance.

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