Sharing BPL log online

Here is a new easy way to share BrewPiLess logs over the internet, on-line.

Step 0: Hosting on GitHub.

If you have your own host, it should be easy and you can skip this part. Using GitHub hosting service is simple and easy. I would suggest you too google on this subject to find better illustration and description.

Step 2: Get the log viewer

Get the “BPLog.htm” file from my GitHub:

Don’t forget to get the “raw” version.

Step 3: Upload the file and logs to share

The logs will be put at the same place as the BPLog.htm file. Subdirectories can be used. I put my log in a subdirectory, named “log”.

Step 4: Test the shared link.

First open the log viewer page on your browser.  The url should be something like

If you can see the empty log chart page. You are almost done.

Step 5: Create the shared link.

Append log name after the URL above in this format[Your log name]

If the log is put in a subdirectory, replace “/” by “%2F”. You will need to uriEncodeComponent special characters. If you don’t understand previous sentence, please don’t use special characters in the path and log file names.

eg. A log name “nottingham.035.20171114” in subfolder “log

Copy the URL above to your browser or see it in a iFrame here:

Step 6: Optional with selection range

Select the desired range, right click mouse on the chart.

A menu of “Open Selection” will popup, click that item to open a new window that will zoom to the selection range on open.

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