Google Spreadsheet and Track Viewer on Gmap

Track Viewer on Gmap can load track specified in URL, so that it can be embeded in other pages using iframe.
The format of Google Spreadsheet track format and the way to produce is described here:

format: just simple as “Index, Lat, Lon, Altitude, Time”, as shown:

To generate this spreadsheet, you can 1, use GPSbanel, and 2, use
this page, or craft manually yourself.

The generated excel( or csv files) must be uploaded to Google Docs, and “published” so that everybody else can view it.

Using GPSBABEL: Select the output format as “Tab delimited filelds useful for OpenOffice, Ploticus…”. Please NOTE: the Altitude fields generated by psbabel is “Altitude(m)”, and you must manually delete “(m)”. And there are unused fields, it is better to delete those unused fields to save internet resources.


Track Viewer on Gmap 事實上可以用網址的方式載入軌跡,以便以iframe的方式內嵌於一般的網頁中。

而Google Spreadsheet的格式和產生方法說明如下:

格式:Index, Lat, Lon, Altitude, Time



不管用什麼方式產生,都必須上傳到Google Docs,然後公開發佈。主要是因為Google目前沒有提供公開發佈的API,所以沒有一個方便的方法。

使用GPSBABEL,選擇輸出格式為”Tab delimited filelds useful for OpenOffice, Ploticus…”。請注意,gpsbabel產生的檔案中Alititude為Altitude(m),要手動修改刪掉”(m)”,另外,會有



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